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Finally Detached Company Champion Sweatshirt

Finally Detached Company Champion Sweatshirt

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Embrace the liberating feeling of detachment with our Finally Detached Champion Sweatshirt, crafted for mindful warmth and eco-friendly style

Are you tired of feeling attached to the chaos of everyday life? Yearning for a touch of serenity and mental escape? Look no further than the Finally Detached Company Champion Sweatshirt. This isn't just your ordinary piece of clothing, it's a symbol of detachment and mindfulness. Created in collaboration with an American heritage brand, Champion, this eco-friendly crewneck sweatshirt is made from a magical cotton/polyester blend that offers both warmth and comfort. But wait, there's more! It also features Double Dry® technology, ensuring that even in the midst of your most intense moments of meditation or mushroom hunting adventures, you'll stay dry as the desert sand. Now let's talk about sustainability because being detached is not just about freeing yourself mentally - it's also about caring for our beloved planet. That iconic C logo on the left sleeve? It’s not just for show; it represents 5% recycled polyester derived from plastic bottles! Can you believe that? Not only will you feel good wearing this medium-heavy fabric marvel with its regular fit and sewn-in label (no annoying tags here), but you'll be championing our environment too. So why wait any longer? Embrace detachment with style by adding this delightful Champion sweatshirt to your wardrobe. You deserve it!

  • Elevate your style and promote mental well-being with the Finally Detached Company Champion Sweatshirt, a cozy eco-friendly option that embraces mindfulness
  • Indulge in ultimate warmth and comfort with this iconic American heritage brand's eco crewneck sweatshirt, crafted using Double Dry® technology for maximum coziness
  • Make a sustainable fashion statement by wearing this cotton/polyester blend sweatshirt made from 5% recycled polyester sourced from plastic bottles, supporting environmental conservation

The American heritage brand, Champion, brings you the eco crewneck sweatshirt. It features Double Dry® technology and is made of a cotton/polyester blend optimized for warmth and comfort. It has the iconic "C" logo on the left sleeve and is made of 5% recycled polyester from plastic bottles.

.: 50% cotton, 50% polyester

.: Medium heavy fabric (9 oz /yd² (310 g/m²))

.: Regular fit

.: Sewn in label

.: "C" logo on the left sleeve

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